Friday, 2 January 2015

PHOTOS from President Obama's annual two-week vacation in Hawaii

Who says presidents can't chill sometimes too?
President Barack Obama is kicking off the new year Hawaiian-style with beaches and sweet treats.
The First Family started 2015 with a snorkelling trip to Hanauma Bay outside Honolulu which was closed to the public for four hours Thursday morning. 
Later, Obama and his daughter Malia stopped in nearby Kailua for shave ice, a Hawaiian treat similar to a snow cone.
President Barack and his daughter Malia Obama at Island Snow on the first day of 2015

Cheers to a new year: President Obama smiles and jokes with family and friends outside the snow cone shop
President Barack Obama eats shave ice  at Island Snow, in Kailua, in Hawaii during the Obama family vacation
President Barack Obama eats shave ice with his daughter Malia and friends of the family in Kailua, Hawaii, during the Obama family's vacation
Holiday treats: The president opted for a cone with cherry, melon and passion fruit shave ice
The Obamas have been staying in a rented vacation home in Kailua, Hawaii for their holiday
One is not amused: While Obama was in a great mood, Malia looked less than pleased with the attention
Family fun: Obama was joined by friends and family at Island Snow in Kailua where they have been staying
President Barack Obama greets people after stopping at Island Snow for shave ice with his daughters
On to the next: President Obama and his family are set to return to the White House this weekend
After enjoying the snow cone-like treat, the President shook hands and talked to locals

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