Thursday, 1 January 2015

Photos: DYK how tall or short your favourite celebs are? Y'all really need to see this....

I bet you didn't know the heights of your favourite celebrities!
Well, now you can check them out below and see which one is your height mate:

Arnold Shwarzenegger 188cm
Beyonce 169cm
Minion 105cm
Storm 180cm
Michael Jordan 198cm
Gisele Bundchen 180cm
Iron Man 198cm
Oprah Winfrey 169cm
Harry Styles 180cm
Batman 185cm
Lady Gaga 155cm
Lionel Messi 169cm
Richard Branson 179cm
Bart Simpson 137cm
Khaleesi 157cm
Kim Kardashian 158cm
Vin Diesel 182cm
Justin Bieber 175cm


  1. I always dream that a producer will take me away from the streets and make me a star in film about famous autistic people. In reality, I know that this is unlikely. But it’s just a daydream I like to indulge in.

    1. Dreams do come true, never stop dreaming dearie!!! @Deepster x


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