Wednesday, 7 January 2015

News: Sky divers bail out as plane crashes

Thirteen people on board a sky diving plane that crashed in the centre of New Zealand's north island survived - by jumping out in mid-air.
Plane belonging to Skydive Taupo  (file image)
Skydive Taupo which operated the flight said everyone had evacuated safely
According to police, six passengers, six crew and their pilot managed to abandon the plane when it got into trouble as it was rising above Lake Taupo.
Helen Castles, from Television New Zealand, reports.

"All the precautions were taken and they evacuated the plane safely. The plane then crashed into the lake at a place called Loafer's Paradise," Mr Trewavas told the New Zealand Herald.
Roy Clements, chief executive of Skydive Taupo which organised the trip, said in a statement: "A skydiving plane encountered an engine problem shortly after take-off.
"All parachutes including the pilot exited the plane and landed safely," the statement added.
One witness told local media he heard a loud bang and then saw skydivers leaving the plane.
"It sounded like an engine blowing up. It would've been no longer than 15 seconds between the bang and when the skydivers started jumping out of the plane," he told the Herald.
"It was pretty amazing that they could get out, it's amazing that they're safe."

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