Thursday, 14 June 2018

Video: Robbie Williams gives viewers the middle finger during his performance at the #WorldCup opening ceremony

Robbie Williams has sparked outrage after appearing to give the finger to the camera during a performance at the World Cup opening ceremony.
UK pop sensation Robbie Williams headlined the World Cup opening ceremony at the stadium in a red leopard-print suit
Football fans exploded on Twitter after noticing the ageing singer stick his middle finger up when leaving the pitch following a performance of his hit song 'Angels' as part of Thursday afternoon's proceedings. Twitter users were left stunned by Williams' antics with some blasting him for a 'lack of morals' and calling him 'desperate for attention'. Thousands of revellers packed inside the sold-out stadium to witness the dazzling opening ceremony - seen by an estimated one billion people worldwide.
According to experts, Williams risks facing arrest and a fine for his one-finger gesture, if it is proved it was meant as an insult. Russia's administrative code allows prosecutors to take offenders to court and be punished for outraging public decency - punishable with a fine of up to £6,000. One legal source in Moscow said: 'It needs to be proved that the gesture was intended to be an insult and an expert has to testify in the court that it was an insult.'
Robbie Williams appeared to give millions of fans watching the opening ceremony the finger during proceedings on Thursday afternoon

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