Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Facebook can predict your birthday, marriage status, where you go daily & when you'll die

Trust Facebook? It's patenting ways to spy on you through your smartphone camera and microphone.
Several recent patents show just how widespread Facebook's data collection techniques have become, ranging from predicting your daily routine to even when you might die
Facebook has been widely recognized for the extreme lengths it takes to collect data on its users. But several recently filed patents show just how widespread those efforts have become, ranging from anticipating your daily routine to predicting when you might die.
What's more, many of these techniques simply rely on your smartphone's Geo-location data in order to learn more about you and your habits. In perhaps one of the most shocking filings, Facebook researchers describe the ability to 'predict a life change event' for users, such as marriage status, birthdays, new jobs, a birth in the family, graduation, or even death.


  1. Nengi17:05

    Am deactivating my Facebook account. Finish.

  2. Fearless17:06

    What rubbish is this na?


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