Saturday, 2 June 2018

Russell Simmons on Kim Kardashian meeting with President Trump

On the 30th of May, Kim Kardashian met with the POTUS, Donald Trump.
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Russell Simmons went online to share the pic below which he captioned:
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Lots of judgement ...
Kim Kardashian West met with the president on this important issue i encourage her to keep going and stay focused ..I remember when all of hip hop united /from jay z and 50 cent to the beastie boys and all rappers and singers in between, they came together with some legislators, politicians and activists like revs Sharpton and Jackson, Andrew Cuomo , Bill Deblasio and others ..they created a coalition and a rally of over 100.000 people it put me in front of the Republican Governor of NYS George Pataki and i worked in the republican held state senate and the democratic held assembly and made a deal that got instant re-sentencing of thousands of non violent drug offenders, the laws were again Restructured when we worked with Gov Paterson , we were still working with a republican held senate but mandatory minimums in NYS were eliminated.
The point is that people judged me and attacked me they said i was just a hip hop guy and i didn’t belong in that mix but we got it done today there is still more work to do and with pop cultures effect on the mind of the mainstream collective Kim Kardashian West and whoever else can join her can make a huge difference Sitting on he sideline and judging is not the answer get in it.


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    Very correct. People should stop judging and do things.


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