Saturday, 5 August 2017

Photos: Ladies, heard of the trending Ta-Ta Towel wraps? #TaTaTowel

Under-bust sweat is a problem faced by women everywhere, particularly in the humid summer months - but now a company has come up with a rather bizarre solution.
Photo published for The Ta-Ta Towel Is Here to Banish Boob Sweat for Good
The Ta-Ta Towel wraps around your breasts to keep them dry and is designed to be worn inside the house while getting ready to go out. 
It allows the wearer's underboob to remain dry while she rushes around getting ready or blow drys her hair, and women are going wild for it.
Interested customers have taken to Twitter to lust over the product, with one declaring she needs a towel like this for every day of the week.
The new $45 gadget was invented by LA resident Erin Robertson, who suffered from the condition herself.
The Ta-Ta Towel has been created by Californian designer Erin RoberstonThe strange new invention is meant to keep the underboob area dry and sweat-free
Reaction on Twittersphere:
This user joked that the towel should have a punny name, such as 'Mammock'
One user joked that she wanted a Ta-Ta Towel so she didn't have to get dressed properly

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