Saturday, 5 August 2017

Photos: Dubai residents & businesses rally to help those affected by the Torch Tower fire

Torch Tower in Dubai Marina went up in flames late Friday night/early Saturday morning as fire fighters battled the blaze and evacuated the building.
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This is the second time Torch Tower has suffered a huge fire, the first being in 2015.
All residents were evacuated and no injuries have been reported thanks to swift action by Dubai's Civil Defence. 
Firefighters were able bring the fire under control by 3.30 am.
Authorities confirmed that the fire started on the 26th floor while the cause is still unknown. The extent of the damage to the building is also unknown.
Good samaritans took to social media last night and today to offer help in any way they could to those left without a home following the fire.
Authorities worked tirelessly to accommodate victims in nearby buildings and hotels.
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Better Homes LLC real estate has even offered victims a discount in helping them relocate to a new home

"Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all owners and tenants affected by the fire at The Torch in Dubai Marina this morning.
For current residents of The Torch who wish to move into a new apartment quickly we have assembled a team of agents to help, and will offer a 50% discount on commission.
Email or call 600 52 2233 and we will connect you to a dedicated agent as quickly as possible."

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