Thursday, 10 August 2017

Photos: Brandy vs Monica..... all because of Whitney Houston

Brandy is sick and tired of Monica fans coming for her and wants Monica to do something about it.
The drama between these two on Whitney Houston's 54th birthday yesterday was really something else!
It started out with Monica wishing Ms. Houston a happy birthday on Instagram.

Not too long after, Brandy followed-up with a post of her own — making sure to let us all know that Whitney passed her the torch (whatever that means).

…and then Brandy gave us another one.

… and then another one.

Because of their history, fans of both Brandy and Monica were quick to accuse Brandy of being petty with her posts & word choice.

She had time, because she clapped back at her critics (and threw a little more shade at Monica in the process).
In the comments under her post, Brandy further explained her special relationship with Whitney and called for Monica to get control of her ‘evil ass fans.’
She even called them ‘pigeons.’

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