Thursday, 10 August 2017

Americans are being fed a distorted view of the Open Skies agreement: Emirates President

The president of Emirates Airline, Sir Tim Clark has written an op-ed on Fox News in the United States, rejecting US airlines' claims of Emirates violating Open Skies agreements.
The ban started in March after intelligence reports showed ISIS militants were working on bombs that could be hidden in electronics
The op-ed was in response to a piece published previously, written by the former US Secretary of Transportation, James H Burnley. 
Clark hit back at the US airlines' withdrawal from the Open Skies trade agreement, citing statistics that include Emirates supporting more than 104,000 jobs in America, and contributing US$21.3 billion to the US economy. 
With United States carriers accusing Gulf airlines of receiving government subsidies. 
However Gulf carriers have declared the accusations untrue, with Clark mentioning the accusations and calling them 'baseless'.
Clark quoted the 'Big 3' airlines' (American, Delta and United Airlines) claims, and broke them down. 
We have been very clear about the fact that Emirates competes on a commercial basis and does not receive subsidies. Mr. Burnley’s article referred to the Big 3’s self-published and inaccurate report on the finances of Emirates and other competitors without mentioning the 210-page report we submitted to the U.S. government, which completely debunks the Big 3’s baseless claim
President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark (shared via op-ed on Fox News)

Clark points out that the statistics 'simply don't support the airlines' claims

He wrote:  "Another point of misinformation – contrary to the Big 3’s apocalyptic rhetoric, their balance sheets are flush. American, Delta and United ranked No. 1, 2 and 4 in terms of airline profitability last year."
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