Friday, 10 August 2018

Photos: Filipina bleeds to death in Dubai

Dubai Police is investigating the case of a Filipina who bled to her death last week.
Angel Pauya Trasadas would have turned 34 on August 25. But she died on July 29 after bleeding profusely while working as a part-time maid in one of the flats in the China Cluster in International City, her friends told Gulf News.
Police said investigation is still under way and declined to give more details. A close friend and roommate of Trasadas, who requested anonymity, said Trasadas had told her that she was pregnant. But because it was a pregnancy out of wedlock, she decided not to continue with her pregnancy.
However, there was no confirmation from the police about circumstances surrounding the woman’s death. “She was scared. She had overstayed and had no visa since 2016. I advised her numerous times not to terminate her pregnancy and to wait for the amnesty that would begin just days away on August 1. 'Angel is gone' "But she said she has no way of supporting her kids and the baby growing in her womb if she comes back to the Philippines,” Trasadas’ close friend told Gulf News.
“I was stunned when our roommate called me to say that Angel is gone. She is believed to have taken a drug to abort the baby but she bled out. She was more than a friend. She was like a sister to me.” Trasadas left behind two kids, aged 11 and 8.
Angel Pauya Trasadas


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