Monday, 7 August 2017

Report From The Emirates Plane That Crash Landed Last Year Surfaces

A report into the Emirates flight that crash landed in 2016 concluded that 'there were no aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the accident.'
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A flight from Trivandrum International Airport crashed on landing in August 2016.
One year on a report from the United Arab Emirates' General Civil Aviation Authority reveals there were no abnormalities on the plane, which crashed on landing. At the time, the plane had aborted a landing due to harsh weather conditions but eventually hit the runway as the landing gear was retracting.
The crew and passengers were aborted safely, some suffered minor injuries while a firefighter tragically lost his life during the rescue operation.
Authorities are looking elsewhere for a cause...
"We are working to determine and analyse the human performance factors that influence flight crew actions". 
Statement from United Arab Emirates' General Civil Aviation Authority
 Emirates responded:

 “Our internal investigation is ongoing which includes a thorough review of all training and operational processes and procedures. Emirates is awaiting the publication of the UAE AAIS Annex 13 final investigation report, at which time any safety directives will be implemented and any safety recommendations will be considered. We continue to extend our full co-operation to the investigators as they work towards the final report.” 
Spokesperson for Emirates

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