Thursday, 10 August 2017

Photos: Some Nigerians & other African migrants found dangerously clinging to a train travelling from Valencia to Munich

A group of migrants has been found hanging onto the bottom of a freight train near the Germany-Austria border.
Pictured: Some of the migrants, who are believed to have come from Somalia, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria 
In eerie footage, a train is inspected as it pulls into a station and a human hand can be seen gripping onto a tyre underneath a carriage. 
Seven adults and five children were picked up in Raubling, Germany after being spotted clinging onto the train from Valencia to Munich. 
They are believed to have come from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Somalia. 
The train travels at speeds of up to 93mph and is extremely dangerous. 
In the video, one man can be seen emerging from the undercarriage clearly in pain and walking with a pronounced limp. 
He is helped by staff and carried out of the station while shivering and grimacing.
The rescuers worried that many of the travellers were suffering from hypothermia. 
The migrants were given towels and blankets and treated at the scene by the German authorities.  
Pictured: A man holds onto his leg after being discovered by staff in Raubling, Germany 
Pictured: Two of the migrants can be sen after staff spotted them under the train's carriage 
Pictured: A young person climbs out from under the train as German authorities stand by
Pictured: A group of the migrants with blankets wrapped around their shoulders 
Amid fears of hypothermia, the migrants were given blankets and treatment at the scene 
Pictured: The eerie footage shows a human hand clinging onto a tyre under the train's carriage 


  1. Is it that bad in Nigeria? Hian.

    Long live TBW

  2. Alex Okey02:50

    Were the migrants not happy in Valencia Italy?


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