Saturday, 5 August 2017

Fishy Photos Of Russia's President Vladimir Putin On Vacation...... Shirtless

The Kremlin has released images of a shirtless Vladimir Putin frolicking in the cold waters of a Siberian lake amid speculation on whether he’ll seek a fourth term as president.
With a presidential election scheduled next March and campaigning due to kick off in the near future, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not hold back in regaling reporters with tales of Putin’s feats in the wilderness. “The water in the lake doesn't get warmer than 17 degrees, but this didn't stop the president from going for a swim,” Peskov said late Friday. He also hinted at the Russian president having superhero-like abilities in his underwater adventures. “He went hunting underwater with a mask and snorkel ... The president chased after one pike for two hours, there was no way he could shoot it, but in the end he got what he wanted,” Peskov said.

Holidaying in Russia also helps encourage other citizens to holiday at home, rather than take foreign breaks abroad
The Russian leader sunbathes in Tuva during his holiday. The president was photographed here in 2009 as well, when he rode shirtless on a horse

Vladimir Putin goes fishing in the remote Tuva region in southern Siberia at the beginning of the week, where he landed a big catch
By taking outdoors holidays, Putin is said to be showing he is a healthy and strong president, despite being 64-years-old
Putin gives defence minister Sergei Shoigu some fishing tips as the pair cast their rods into the rivers in the remote Siberian region
Russian President Putin hunts fish underwater, wearing full diving gear as he plunges into the watery depths of the lake
Putin swims through the country's rivers as he enjoyed his break in the southern Siberian area between August 1 and 3

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