Monday, 7 August 2017

Photos: Malia Obama dances up a storm at Lollapalooza music festival

With classes at Harvard starting in just a few short weeks, Malia Obama is making sure to end her gap year in style.
Malia is starting at Harvard University in the fall after taking a gap year following her high school graduation 
The former First Daughter was caught on video letting her hair down and dancing up a storm while The Killers performed at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.
Video obtained by TMZ shows Malia and a gal pal dancing wildly as the Las Vegas rock band played its hits during the headlining set on Friday night.
This isn't the first time Malia has been spotted enjoying herself while out in public with her friends. 
The 19-year-old was videotaped last year at the festival twerking and grinding while listening to rapper Bryson Tiller.
Malia Obama was caught on video letting her hair down and dancing up a storm while the killers performed at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago
Footage also showed Malia dancing with one of her friends, who took their own moves to the ground during the show
The former First Daughter was headbanging to the Las Vegas band over the weekend
Malia was happy to play along with her friend's antics
Malia then pretended to play the drums on her friend, matching her hands to the music 
Footage later captured Malia writhing and rolling on the grass as she danced to the music 
She then helped lift her friend off the ground so that they could continue to dance 
She was happily thrashing about and putting on a show for her friends during the performance
Malia and her friends were reportedly backstage for most of the set but then decided to go to the grass area to dance
Malia was seen rocking out during a guitar and drum session during The Killers' headlining set
This Twitter user claims that his father was seated nearby the former first daughter as she was flying to Chicago for the festival
Social media was quick to defend the teenager for letting loose and having fun with her friends


  1. Why is she always a hyper dancer?

  2. Fearless15:08

    She dey take drugs ni?


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