Sunday, 6 August 2017

Photos: The Eiffel Tower welcomes PSG new boy, Neymar

Neymar was treated to a truly Parisien welcome on Saturday night as the Eiffel Tower was lit up in the Brazilian's honour.
The iconic Paris landmark was cast in Paris Saint-Germain red and blue and dazzled with a twinkling display of lights as the French capital embraced their new star. 
A screen attached to the tower displayed the message: 'Welcome Neymar Jr' to celebrate the arrival of the Brazilian forward.
A message flashed up on the iconic landmark to welcome the Brazilian forward to PSG
The tower loomed over the city as it displayed the message welcoming the £198million man
The Eiffel Tower is lit up in the blue and red of Paris Saint-Germain to celebrate Neymar's arrival

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