Thursday, 10 August 2017

Photos: Beyonce rocks short shorts & looks amazing in it

It's been almost two months since Beyonce gave birth to Gemini twins, and it appears she's transitioning back into her public life.
BeyoncĂ© is back to her "normal" life, or whatever normal may mean to the average billionaire celebrity. Since giving birth to Sir and Rumi just under two months ago, Bey has slowly started to been seen in public more, in addition to being more active on social media. 
 The 35-year-old certainly seemed very proud of her concert outfit, posting pictures from multiple angles
 The star flashed her flat stomach in a sports crop top
 Bey made sure everyone could see her toned tum with a close up pic
 Beyonce welcomed twins Rumi and Sir Carter on June 13
 Beyonce looked incredible on a night out two months after giving birth to twins

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  1. Surgery, chef, nannies and too much money speaking!

    Long live TBW


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