Saturday, 5 August 2017

#FYI: Say NO to the use of black henna in the UAE

Dubai Municipality has just announced the addition to a new fine that you can possibly get.
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The use of black henna and unapproved products that may cause skin burns have been prohibited in the UAE and will result in a fine worth AED2000.
Salons have been warned about the consequences of offering this service in their centres as well as at home - a group of staff have been set up to monitor such activity, if the salon is found guilty for the second time, they will be closed down temporarily.
Despite seeming like a safe product to use, henna can actually be very dangerous and cause a numerous amounts of side effects.
Bad reactions from the use of henna include inflammation, redness, itching, burning, swelling, scaling, broken skin, blisters as well as the scarring of skin.
. وضعت بلدية دبي لوحات تحذيرية توعوية في الصالونات ومراكز التجميل النسائية للتحذير من عواقب تقديم الخدمات المنزلية للتجميل والعناية الشخصية واستخدام مواد تسبب حروقاً للجلد ومنها الحناء السوداء. حيث وفرت بلدية دبي كادر مؤهل للرقابة على الصالونات النسائية وعلى كل المستحضرات والمواد الاستهلاكية داخل الصالون، وفي حال ضبط وجود الحناء السوداء أو أي خلطات غير معتمدة يتم سحب الكمية فوراً وتحرير غرامة مالية قدرها 2000 درهم وقد يتم في حال تكرارها الإغلاق المؤقت للصالون. Dubai Municipality placed warning signs in salons and women's beauty centers to warn about the consequences of providing home care services and using substances that cause burns to the skin, including black henna. Dubai Municipality provided a qualified staff to monitor women's saloons and all-consuming products inside the saloon. If beauty centers use black henna or any unapproved products, the products will immediately be withdrawn and a fine of AED 2,000 will be issued. If the action is repeated, the beauty center will be closed temporarily. #دبي #بلدية_دبي #dubai #mydubai #dubaimunicipality
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