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Photos: Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae) singer, Silento banned from leaving the UAE

US rapper, 19-year-old Silento, has reportedly been banned from leaving the UAE after breaching contracts and not showing up for concerts in the country.

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Al Ain Civil Court imposed the travel ban on February 20 after the Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae) singer, didn't appear for his scheduled concerts in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi one month ago. 
The only way the singer, whose real name is Ricky Lamar Har, can leave is if he pays AED 300,000 to Makki Taj El Sir Abdel Halim. Until then, the rapper has been asked to surrender his passport to the authorities in Al Ain until the case has been rectified.

Silento tweeted this over a week after the travel ban

The claimant Abdel Halim, owner of Al Aint events told The National that the rapper was to perform on February 18, and an agreement had been made with Silento's Dubai representatives. However, Silento did not perform at the agreed concerts each costing $4,000 and the other for $5,000.

"After we reached an agreement and the contracts were signed, Silento did not show up at Bounce Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Rotana for the events," he told The National . "I was also asked to cover costs of travel and accommodation."
Abdel Halim

Silento's Middle-East rep says there was no contract between their company and Mackie Entertainment

Jenna Kadhum, who is representing Silento in Dubai, has been in talks with the US embassy in Abu Dhabi on the rapper's behalf, stating that the singer couldn't go to the concerts because the fee had not been given. 

Ms Kadhum posted on Urban Mass Instagram account clearing up a couple of statements made by the media

Rp: @jennaofdubai Alright ppl, lets address a couple of things and allow me to shed some light on this matter: 1. Silento never CANCELLED any shows. There are several videos online proving he asked the  promoter to discuss the situation. The reason their was a "no show" from Silento is because the promoter failed to pay for hotels, transportation and per diems. The promoter simply stopped replying. 2. The contract the promoter had was not with UrbanMass. Yes, the logo was there, in addition to  name of owner, but there is no signature from her at all. The owner was trying to get the deposit from HG Consultants and never received it. 3. Promoter had provided a "fake" return ticket to the United States and sent a paper confirming it was business class. But after calling Turkish airlines, we found out it was Economy! #fraud 4. Amman, was a success and the promoters were very happy. The reason being on that it was done without Mackie entertainment. The Oman  gig was never contractual at ALL. 5. Promoter has clearly said in  the article the fees for Silento  was 9000 usd for Abu dhabi and al ain. How does he wanna claim 300,000 dhs? Before you read and miss judge and belive one side of a story. Think! Silento is releasing new tracks this year and he is very much loved by his fans as well as people of #UAE . Stay tuned for more info!!! #watchmewhip #silentomob #silentó #talktome #wild #noemoji #naenae #jennakadhum #worldstarhiphop #shaderoom #atlanta #music #dubai #mydubai
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