Saturday, 11 March 2017

African man & his fiancée imprisoned in Abu Dhabi for sex outside marriage are released

An unmarried couple arrested at a hospital in Abu Dhabi after a doctor discovered that the woman was pregnant, have been dramatically released after being held for six weeks in jail.
Culverwell has been working in the UAE for the past five years and first started dating Noahi in 2014 

South African Emlyn Culverwell phoned his family early today to tell her 'we're free',' his ecstatic mother told MailOnline.
Mr Culverwell, 29, and his fiancée Iryna Nohai, 27, were reported for having unlawful sex outside of marriage on 29 January after Miss Nohai went to hospital suffering from stomach cramps. She had no idea she was pregnant, Linda Culverwell revealed.
Having sex outside of marriage is illegal in the United Arab Emirates and those who are convicted can face long jail sentences.
After receiving little or no news of the pair since they were held separately at Al Wathba prison in the UAE capital, Mrs Culverwell, 51, got a call out of the blue.
Expat life: The couple had talked about getting married for some time and Mr Culverwell proposed to Miss Nohai two days before they were arrested

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