Thursday, 9 March 2017

An African man & his fiancée are imprisoned in Abu Dhabi for sex outside marriage

A South African man and his Ukrainian fiancée were detained in Abu Dhabi after a doctor discovered that the woman was pregnant, a relative says.
Culverwell has been working in the UAE for the past five years and first started dating Noahi in 2014 

Emlyn Culverwell, 29, and Iryna Nohai, 27, were reportedly arrested for unlawful sex outside of marriage.
The arrests came after Nohai, who was suffering from stomach cramps, went to Medeor Medical Centre in Yas Mall in Abu Dabi, where a doctor told her she was pregnant.
Having sex outside of marriage is illegal in the UAE, and those who are convicted can face long jail sentences.
The couple have reportedly been detained since January 29, but details of their arrests are just emerging.
Culverwell and Nohai were arrested at the hospital for not being able to provide marriage certificates. 

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