Thursday, 23 February 2017

Things that make you go HA! Volcano expert falls in a volcano... and survives

60-year-old Argentinian expert, Rodolfo Alvarez, slipped into the crater of Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.

The expert and guide managed to survive falling into a volcano (Stock picture)
He had to be rescued by firemen along with Adriac Valladares, a 25-year-old Nicaraguan, who also fell in. The two had been working just over the crater’s lip their rope broke and they slipped about 1,500 feet, officials said. They reportedly suffered dehydration from the high temperatures.
Firemen used ropes and harnesses to climb down to save them. Both men were in ‘good condition and stable’, a government spokesman said.
Masaya Volcano, located 12 miles south of Managua, features a lava lake and is a big draw for scientists and tourists alike.


  1. Slim20:34

    Not their time.

  2. Anonymous21:03

    God is alive!!!!!!!!


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