Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Photos: El o El..... With Beyonce

Beyonce's Beyhive of fans sent social media abuzz after the singer announced on Instagram she was expecting twins with husband Jay Z.


The baby news was posted on Wednesday morning and the singer did it in dramatic fashion with a heavily styled photo of herself exposing her naked bump while in mismatched lingerie and wearing a veil. Soon after fans posted several hilarious messages.

Big news: Laura Bradley showed the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denying Beyonce iss pregnant with twins during a press conference. 'Beyonce is not having twins. Period,' the caption said

Another clever take: Kim Kardashian panicking was used in one meme along with the caption: 'Beyonce is pregnant!!! Red Ivy is coming'

Creative: One fan put a Jay Z twist on the now famous Salt Bae meme

Another laugh: Andrew Carson wrote, 'Beyonce is PREGNANT with twins! The messiah has returned and apparently it's a double feature!'

Good v bad: One meme showed Beyonce taking the form of the popular Evil Kermit joke, where the star convinces herself twins are the only option for the diva

Big sister problems: Little Blue Ivy was the subject of one meme that joked about the 5-year-old getting a smaller inheritance now that she's going to be a big sister to twins

Just like dad! One meme-maker photoshopped Jay Z's face onto two babies and added the tag #beyoncestwins

Amusing: Tweeter Celeste said her skin was clearing and she was getting her glow on

So silly: Ryan Beatty said he was one of Beyonce's expectant twins

Millstone moment: A fan joked it is not the first time the Destiny's Child star has carried two

His attempt: Sam Stryker was so delighted by Beyonce's news he wrote a post about how she is saving the universe

An interesting take: Kobe Buffalomeat said Beyonce thought the way to save the world from burning was to make two more Beyonces

She gets credit for everything! Aidan made it seem like the singer was inventing twins

Who wouldn't want to be her kid? Judgmental gay wrote, 'I hope I'm the baby'

Feeling for her: Tre Melvin said that he is such a big fan that if Bey is with child, he is with child

And it just got better with time: Everyone became a comedian as Bey's news sank in

Doing the double Another supporter said she should be renamed Beytwice

Unforgettable: Dory posted an image of three little girls and an amusing message

Happy for her: Rihanna wrote: 'So excited about this news!!!! Congratulations to you @beyonce and my big bro Jay!!!!' after Beyonce announced she's pregnant with twins

Funny: Chrissy Teigen celebrated 10m followers and Beyonce's pregnancy with her trademark humour

She called her beautiful: Paris Hilton shared a photo where she was with Beyonce and sister Nicky Hilton. Her caption read: 'Congratulations @Beyonce! So exciting that you are having twins! Sending you love & well wishes beautiful'

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