Sunday, 1 February 2015

Photos: What a girl wants! JLo flaunts closet

Next time you can't find your favourite pair of jeans, spare a thought for Jennifer Lopez.
For in a video giving the first look inside her enormous closet, the 45-year-old stands next to a towering wall of more than 200 pairs of denim.
'Hi. I'm Jennifer Lopez and this is my closet', JLo tells People's Hollywood At Home as she smiles surrounded by her collection of stylish clothes and accessories.
I luh  ya papi it mami!!!
Enough trousers, Jennifer? The 45-year-old actress-singer cheerfully greets viewers and welcomes them into her enormous walk-in wardrobe, which includes a wall of more than 200 pairs of denim jeans

'This is my closet': In a new segment from People's Hollywood At Home, Jennifer Lopez is happy to share with fans where she goes to dress her flawless figure
Borrowing for film: During the video clip Lopez holds up a pair of 17-year-old black Prada heels which she wore in her latest movie, The Boy Next Door
Never ending: One room is strictly for heels, organized by colour and style
Shoe collection: Jennifer has rows and rows of various heels to show off her long and lean legs
Hollywood at Home: Jennifer opened up her home to cameras
Olsen triplet? During the tour Jenny From The Block also pulls out an Elizabeth And James dark plaid coat she claims to have bought at least eight years ago, from the line by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Impossible to forget: In the background her iconic green silk chiffon Versace gown with plunging neckline is seen hanging on display

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