Sunday, 1 February 2015

Must Watch Videos: FalzTheBahdGuy #ellobaechallenge is da ISH

FalzTheBahdGuy is a talented Nigerian artist, comedian and a lawyer by profession.
He also happens to be one of my fave Instagram sensations.
Well, the news is for this year's Valentine's day, supported by Eko Hotels and Uber Lagos, he kicked off this 'ellobae' challenge where you have to send your funny posts sayin 'ello bae' on IG and his and a couple of other people's posts cracked my ribs!!!
For real!!!
Instagram user @k10vidz absolutely NAILED IT!!!
Watch: lol at shampag niii!!!


  1. This oyinbo has been too long in Naija ( ello Bae) .. as for Falz the Bad guy .. ello bae.. Norifying you of my presence and afailability o!


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