Monday, 9 February 2015

Photos: Buhari on Al Jazeera a few minutes ago

APC presidential candidate, General Muhammudu Buhari (GMB) was on Al Jazeera some minutes ago and Nigerians on social media are saying the same thing: HE NAILED IT!
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GMB: "I have no evidence that the government is encouraging Boko Haram, but they have failed in their duty to protect Nigerians".
He also made repeated emphasis on the fact that APC will ask their supporters to remain calm and peaceful.
On corruption, he said he will draw a line: Old cases will continue but from May 29, an accountability system will be put in place.
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  1. E4ma11:48

    Seriously I'm really getting tired of Nigerians bn fooled by the same set of old dirty politicians. Haba, when he was the head of state Y didn't Nigerians have steady power supply? And again if he looses for the tenth time will he leave APC and form another political party?


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