Monday, 2 February 2015

Photos: Between Kim Kardashian in Nigeria & Amber Rose in Nigeria

Both women are stunning no doubt, but it seems one is friendlier than the other!
It just occurred to me this morning to compare and contrast the vibes, the looks, the countenances of these two ladies, Kim Kardashian when she came to host Dare Art Alade's Love Like A Movie in 2013 and Amber Rose as a host at D'banj's 10th year anniversary party on Sarturday, both in Lagos, Nigeria.
Kim looked a little tensed while Amber looked so relaxed with a very positive look and vibe, don't you agree?
Oh well, I'm thinking maybe because Kim was pregnant then or why else would she have been so stiff?
Take a look at all the pics below and judge for yourselves!!!

Smiling Amber, holding hands with the celebrant, Dbanj!
Again, smiling Amber!!
Smiling & relaxed Amber!!!


  1. Anonymous00:41

    Yu are funny sis bet ya head dey dere.

  2. For sure two different energy levels .. Amber comes across as a more approachable someborri :) .. Kim well like Kanye just like to Bone like someone burnt their dodo .. lololol

  3. iyabo balogun16:00

    Omg...where was i???


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