Sunday, 1 February 2015

News: 'We don’t think Whitney Houston's daughter is going to pull through' source tells Hollywood Life

The daughter of the late Whitney Houston remains in medically-induced coma today after she was found face down in a bath tub in a scene tragically reminiscent of her own mother's 'accidental' drug-overdose death.
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And now sources close to Bobbi Kristina Brown are expressing little hope of a recovery.
'It doesn't look good,' a source told Entertainment Tonight
That same source revealed to the TV show that it's 'no coincidence' that the 21-year-old was rushed to the hospital so close to the third anniversary of her mother's death and that her troubles are 'a lot deeper than everyone can see'. 
'We don’t think Bobbi Kristina is going to pull through,' another source told Hollywood Life.
There's nothing prayers can't do, we should just keep praying and hope when she survives this, she stays clean nnd sober! 

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