Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Video & Photos: Worst Gobe EVER! Finding out this kinda thing on Facebook? ISH!!!

As if being watched by a bar full of drinkers having sex with a company secretary wasn't bad enough, the wife of the senior insurance manager caught in the sex romp then found out about the man's extramarital affair on Facebook.
The couple had gone into the office after it had closed thinking they'd get some privacy when they were actually being watched by patrons across the road at the Carlton Bar and Eatery
It's just the latest twist in a sex scandal that has become a social media sensation. The married man, understood to have children, has still not shown his face at insurance firm Marsh Ltd in Christchurch as bosses conduct an employment investigation. 
A source told the New Zealand Herald that the man's wife is 'in pieces and can't even speak to him'. 
The sexual antics of the man and the young woman were caught on camera last Friday night after pub patrons across the road noticed the amorous couple had left the lights on and the action was posted online immediately. 
The man's wife was said to be distraught over the incident after discovering the affair on Facebook.
'She had no idea until she came across it on Facebook on Monday night. She's in pieces and can't even speak to him,' a source said.
The mood at the Christchurch branch is said to be 'rather tense'. 
"The other employees are all keeping their heads down and are just trying to get on with things. It's a pretty surreal situation for them," an insurance industry insider said.
It had earlier emerged that the man - a senior employee at the firm - is married and the woman, in her 20s, had become recently engaged, the New Zealand Herald reports. The company is conducting an investigation and the woman has deleted her Facebook account.
Marsh Ltd said they still had not made any decision on whether the couple would get the sack or face any disciplinary action.
‘We are not giving any further comment other than what has already been provided. We’re dealing with the matter internally that’s all we can say,' a spokeswoman for Marsh Ltd told Daily Mail Australia.
'It’s unknown what will happen to those involved at this stage, and what final decision will be made by the firm.’ 
Watch the vid. below.
The young couple get to know each other in the Marsh Ltd offices in Christchurch 
Before long the pair start to undress in the office unaware that they were being watched
Customers across the road at the Carlton Bar and Eatery got a front-row seat for the show
The couple even enjoyed a glass of wine as they enjoyed their own private party
It got so steamy that the band even stop playing in the Carlton Bar and Eatery as the action continued
Twitter user Nick can't help making a quip about the couple and their antics 


  1. Buhahahah.. Foolish People Ive seen some similar hijinks here in Canada.

    1. Wow, for real? Hook the blog up with jists, send me an email......x


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