Thursday, 12 February 2015

Video: Muna Obiekwe's sister, Chinwe Obiekwe spills all about his death

Contrary to rumours that went viral about late actor Muna Obiekwe's state of health and what actually led to his death, the very truth has now been revealed. 
In an interview conducted at Muna's burial on the 3rd of February in his hometown, here was what Muna's step sister, Chinwe Obiekwe said about her brother's sudden death:
Muna was sick from October last year, 2014. It wasn't a normal kidney failure, rather a kidney failure that was prompted by high blood pressure and caused his two kidneys to suddenly fail.
A high BP that was due to stress from his very busy schedule on set, and not having enough time to take his drugs properly. His family was taken unawares as he had been going for dialysis, his uncles abroad had even planned to come back to Nigeria so they can give him a transplant before Muna died that fateful Sunday.
When asked why Muna didn't seek public help or speak out publicly about his ill health, Chinwe said Muna was a private person plus his family was capable and very ready to take care of him, hence there was practically no need for the announcement.
A very angry Chinwe later questioned the people who have been saying they would have helped if only Muna had cried out. She said: ''What was their contribution during the burial? I will say this: ''Fuck them''!'' 

Watch the vid below.

May Muna's soul RIP.

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