Sunday, 1 February 2015

Photos: This Nigerian ex-beauty queen was caught in the act!

Helen Ufuoma Onohwakpor aka Helen Onos, a one-time model contested in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant in 2000 and was first runner up to Matilda Kerry plus she also won the award for the Best Traditional National Costume.
Helen represented Nigeria in the Miss ECOWAS in Cotonou, Republic of Benin the same year and was 3rd runner up. 
In 2001, she was the first ever Nigerian to compete in the Miss Malaika Beauty pageant in South Africa where she got to the semi finals stage.
Fast forward to yesterday, the lovely former queen proved she's a 'korrekt' Waffi making yummy banga and starch right from the scratch in her home! (last pic after the cut)
Yes, that's what's up queen Helen, nothing like a good home-made meal!!!


  1. Anonymous20:56

    Nice! She is beautiful inside out.

    1. Anonymous21:29

      How did u know is beautiful inside also, are u inside her? Confess now o!

  2. Anonymous20:58

    I remember her at MBGN 2000, Miss Edo

  3. adetoun22:53

    She fine pas de winner then sef!

  4. Anonymous21:19

    Na me go marry her sis T.

  5. Nice one,real African beauty.


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