Monday, 9 February 2015

Photos: Prince Charles lands in the Middle East, Jordan

Prince Charles has arrived in the Middle East for a six-day tour that starts in Jordan - a country still in shock following the shocking murder of one of its pilots. 
The Prince of Wales stepped from his chartered jet looking relaxed and was greeted by a small entourage that included Britain's ambassador to Jordan, Peter Millett.
Jordan as a nation is grieving after the brutal killing of 26-year-old Moaz al Kasasbeh by the Islamic State (ISIS) group.
In gruesome footage, the terrorist group filmed the Jordanian pilot being burnt alive. 
The Prince of Wales talks to Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad after arriving in Jordan, a country still in shock following the gruesome killing of one of its pilots

Prince Charles has arrived in Jordan for a six-day tour of the Middle East - he will meet with King Abdullah II
The Prince entertains a group of Iraqi Christians who sought refuge in Jordan having fled their home country
Charles will be joined in Jordan by International Development secretary Justine Greening
The Prince goes to grip the hand of Prince Ghazi Bin Al-Muhammad as he embarks on a six-day tour 
The Prince is presented with a tray of baklava tied in a red ribbon after touching down in Jordan
Charles pictured with the group of Iraqi Christians who have sought refuge in Jordan after fleeing Iraq
Surrounded by trays of nibbles, the Prince holds talks with Peter Millett, Britain's ambassador to Jordan
Depraved: Charles's visit to Jordan comes after ISIS burned Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasba 

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