Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Photos: See Gobe! These happened in Croatia + in the US of A

As you may have noticed, TBW doesn't just talk or write about Nigeria, we blog about everything, everybody, everywhere!
These two scenarios below may or may not shock you, just read:
A Croatian model has been arrested and faces an attempted murder charge after she allegedly stabbed her identical twin sister because she was believed to be jealous of her relationship with a man they both liked.
Sara Grkovic, 22, and her twin Dajana lived together with their mother in the northern Croatian port city of Rijeka.
Police were called on Saturday night after a violent row in which Sara plunged a kitchen knife into her twin sister leaving her critically injured and fighting for her life.
Dajana is currently in the intensive care ward at the local hospital with a deep wound to her chest and to her thigh. She's in a stable condition. 
In custody: Sara and her sister were alleged to have argued frequently 

Stabbed: Dajana Grkovic (left) was allegedly attacked by her twin Sara (right) who was believed to be jealous of her
Model looks: Sara Grkovic has been charged with stabbing her twin sister. The girls were described by a neighbour as 'peas in a pod' and equally stunning 
Attack: The stabbing took place at in the northern Croatian port city of Rijeka
Happier times: Identical twins Sara and Dajana as children with their mother

A mother and her five-month-old son were kicked off a flight following an argument with a crew member - even though she complied with her demands.
Nicki Gazlay was on a connecting Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Memphis on Wednesday when she was told to remove the youngster from an Ergo Baby carrier.
She explained to the flight attendant she didn't have to do it on the previous flight, but agreed anyway and placed the youngster on her lap.
However, during the row, she told the crew member: 'Of course I am going to comply, I'm going to do whatever you say because you are the Queen of this airplane.'
She replied by saying: 'You're off'. 
Gazlay was then forced to buy another ticket for a different flight on another airline.   
She told WMC Action News: 'No one said a thing to me and that's the same airlines.' 
A number of people have criticized the airline and Gazlay has now written and official letter of complaint to the company.
Polcicy: Frontier Airlines are said to be investigating what happened.They insist Ergo Baby carriers are not approved for take-off or landing by the Federal Aviation Authority (file picture)
Reaction: Nicki (pictured here with her child in the Ergo Baby Carrier) told the crew member she hadn't had to do the same on the previous flight

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