Sunday, 1 February 2015

Photo: $3811 iPhone ‘Phantom’ launched in Dubai

In a city where 24 carat gold iPhones were sold for AED 24,000 ($6,575), luxury mobile accessorizer Givori has launched an approximately AED14,000 ($3811) customised iPhone which comes enwrapped with a rare black platinum covering.
The "Phantom" collection sees the iPhone 5 and 5S enveloped in Mississippiensis alligator skin, treated with silver dust, and finished off with a pure silver logo welded with black rhodium.
In addition, all parts of the phone are coated with a nanotechnology film that combats oxidation, colour fading, and fingerprint stains, Givori.
The group, whose name is derived from the Italian word Giovani, meaning "the new generation," targets the new "fashion-conscious" generation for their luxurious products.
"The name aims to envisage today's young generation who expect nothing less than the best and crave the latest fashion trends, which is what Givori products stand for," stated the brand on its website.
The Phantom collection is available at Harvey Nichols, Axiom Telecom, and Damas Les Exclusives boutiques.
Meanwhile, customised phones include Samsung's Swarovski-coated Galaxy Note 4.

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