Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Photos: 26 Y.O Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive In ISIS Video

Islamic State has burned alive a Jordanian pilot in a horrific video released by the militant group.
Mu'ath Al Kassasbeh was taken captive by IS when his F-16 fighter jet crashed near Raqqa, Syria, in December.
Images of his murder have been circulated by IS supporters on Twitter.
Mu'ath Al Kassasbeh was taken captive by IS in December
They show the 26-year-old airman in an orange jumpsuit in a cage with a line of fuel leading to him.
The fuel is then lit and the cage bursts into flames.
The Jordanian government has informed his family he has been killed and vowed an "earth-shattering" response against IS.
"The blood of the martyr will not have been shed in vain and ... vengeance will be proportional to this catastrophe that has struck all Jordanians," said army spokesman General Mamduh al Amiri.
Jordanian state TV said Mr Al Kassasbeh was murdered on 3 January. Other reports said it was 8 January.
Video: Dec 24: Militants Capture Pilot
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HQ of Karak people in Amman
People gather outside the Karak people's HQ in Amman
Barbaric: An ISIS extremist lights a trail of petrol leading to the cage in which the 26-year-old stands 
Depraved: The flames reach the cage holding the helpless pilot. It is later flattened by a bulldozer
Brutal: The footage, which is titled 'Healing the Believers Chests' appears to show the captured airman wearing an orange jumpsuit as a trail of petrol leading up to the cage is seen being set alight
Captured: Muath al-Kasasbeh (centre in white) was captured by the Islamic State after after crashing near its HQ in the Syrian city of Raqqa in December. ISIS is now believed to brutally murdered him
Jordanian officials have told the devastated family of the 26-year-old (pictured) that they believed the footage to be genuine and that the man branded a ‘hero’ in his homeland was dead
Relatives of Moaz al-Kasasbeh held pictures of him at a rally calling for his release early yesterday 
Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq released a video they claim shows Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive while locked in a cage
Walking to his death: The professionally shot and edited footage shows Moaz al-Kasasbeh walking towards the cage in which he would be burnt alive

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