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News: Bobby Brown insists Bobbi is still on life support: Whitney's driver reveals a LOT

Bobby Brown today insisted his daughter Bobbi Kristina's life-support machine has not been switched off as her family held a vigil at her bedside
Al Bowman, Houston's chauffeur who witnessed one of Bobbi's first experiences of drugs as a five-year-old has told Daily Mail Online how he feared for her growing up.
Staying positive: Brown, pictured giving a 'thumbs up', has remained hopeful that his daughter will pull through, according to sources, but on Thursday it emerged that his daughter's life support was removed

He said: 'Bobbi always wanted to be just like her mom and now it seems she may have followed in her footsteps.
'It's heart-breaking, a real tragedy. This young girl was raised in a world no child should live in.'
Bowman says he drove Houston for two decades and witnessed first hand the singer's spiral into a drug-fueled meltdown before and after her daughter was born.
He watched helplessly as Houston and husband Bobby Brown became wasted in the back almost daily.
Bowman also recalls driving Houston into rundown ghettos in Los Angeles to meet shady drug dealers so the star could score more drugs.
But when Houston's drug abuse became so severe that she openly smoked crack in front of her young daughter Bobbi, Bowman knew she had crossed a line.
'I couldn't believe it, it was heart-breaking, out of control,' he said.
'Whitney was a complete train wreck. I couldn't bear seeing her daughter sat there in amongst it all, it was so sad.
'I wanted to help her but Whitney was just too out of control and wouldn't listen to anyone.'
Bowman recalls how that day he had picked up Houston, her husband Bobby Brown and their daughter Bobbi from their LA home and drove them to the airport.
'Whitney looked grey and pasty. She could hardly talk because she'd been on some kind of bender for a couple of days. And the kid had obviously witnessed this as it was happening in the house.
'I just remember very vividly Whitney saying, "Good to see you" to me, but she could hardly talk.
'Then I said, 'Hi Bobbi' to her daughter and she came up and hugged me and then she looked up at me – you know how little children kind of give you that reverent look.
'It was like she was thinking: 'Thank God a normal person is here'. It was so sad.
'And I just thought to myself how horrible it was that this kid had to witness this stuff.'
Bowman said that during the limo ride Bobby Brown offered Houston some crack cocaine as a 'pick you up' - while little Bobbi jumped up and down on the seats.
'He [Bobby Brown] had brought it [crack] with him. He had a skinny pipe. He seemed like he was okay, it was her health that was really affected. 
Disturbing: Al Bowman saw a 'cute' kid exposed to the horrors of two-drug using parents
Al Bowman 

But as the years rolled by and Bowman drove the superstar more he says her transformation was astonishing and behavior affected everyone around her including her daughter.
'Things took a turn for the worse when she met Bobby Brown in the early 90s. They started smoking crack in the back of the limo.
'One time it got a little crazy back there, they were smoking and all of a sudden the limo is on fire. I pulled over and got the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.
'It turns out they were free-basing crack, it was like a crack lab in the back of the limo.'
'Free-basing' is a street term for burning purified cocaine and inhaling the fumes.
In a brutally honest interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2009, Houston finally admitted for the first time that she was addicted to crack in the 90s after marrying R&B star Brown.
She even admitted she spent seven months living in her pajamas while hooked on the killer drug.
And it was this behavior that was to be part of her only daughter Bobbi's childhood.
Bowman, who stopped driving Houston in 2003, added: 'You just know this stuff is passed on, I don't mean through DNA, it's passed on through behavioral influence and I just thought this poor kid doesn't stand a chance,' he said.
'This kid is gonna witness this her entire life.'
Bowman, who now lives in Las Vegas, said he was not surprised when he saw the breaking news that Bobbi had been found unconscious in a bathtub.
He told the National Enquirer: 'I've tried to stop her, but all she said was: "I'm just like my mother."
'It was difficult to stop her from buying alcohol and drugs because her mother gave her $1,000 a week. I saw Krissi do an eight ball - an eighth of an ounce - of cocaine in just two days with friends. One time Whitney bought a case of beer for Krissi and her friends to drink in front of her. I couldn't believe it!'
A photo of Bobbi allegedly snorting cocaine appeared alongside Jafarzadeh's quotes.
The snap was taken when she was 17 snorting cocaine while partying at a friend's house in Alpherata, Georgia, where she lived with her Grammy-winning mother.
And when Bobbi starred alongside other members of her family in the reality series: 'Houstons: On Our Own,' which capitalized on the interest in the family following Whitney's death, the then-19-year-old was seen frequently drinking on camera and inebriated.
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  1. iyabo balogun17:53

    Wow...Sad Story!

  2. Otty18:11

    Simply put...who u marry either makes or mare u!...sad! Let dat street (Bobby brown) enjoy d fruit of his labour! Dis is a case of u can take d boy outta d street but u can't take d street outta him! Women nd our stupid love sef! Mtcheeeew

    1. Let's not just stop praying for Bobbi now....x

    2. Anonymous18:53

      Otty, if you don no what to type, shet up and take sits. Whitny was on drugs before meeting Bobby.

  3. Anonymous20:19

    This is such a sad story. Bobby Brown n Witney doesn't match. See how Witney's generation is ending now. Poor little Bobby, I pray u manage to scale through this, I pray God grant u another opportunity to life once again. I am pained. UAP *Wink*

    1. Divine healing we ask......@Anon 20:19 x


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