Sunday, 8 February 2015

News: African man strangles his baby, stabs own genitals & dies in Springs, Dubai

A man stabbed himself to death in an upscale Dubai community on Thursday morning, after injuring his infant child and attacking a neighbour.
The African man, in his 30s, had an argument with his wife at their home in Dubai's Spring community on Thursday morning before chasing her and their child out of the house in Street 3, Springs 11.
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A neighbour in his 50s tried to intervene and was subsequently wounded.
The man then stabbed himself in the genitals and succumbed to the injury. He was found dead in the street.
According to General Khalil Al Mansouri, of Dubai Police CID, the man had been suffering from mental health issues.
“He has been sick for a while and his condition got worse. After the fight, he sort of lost it and stabbed himself,” Maj Gen Al Mansouri was quoted as saying in Abu Dhabi daily The National.
“It was a fatal injury. He stabbed himself in the genitals; it was on the street and there was a witness.”
A taxi driver witnessed the attack and called for help.
According to 7Days, the wife told police her husband had tried to choke their child.
“His wife said that he looked strangely at his son and then started strangling him. She took the baby off him and the father took a knife and injured the baby’s foot [as she fled],” the paper quoted General Al Mansouri as saying.
The neighbour and the baby suffered minor woulds are are in a stable condition in hospital.
Reports said the man had been suffering from psychological problems in recent months and his condition worsened after the baby was born.

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