Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Photos: Y'all need to see these top ten ultimate beauty icons of all time

They might not have had Botox or Photoshop at their disposal, but the Hollywood icons of yesteryear still reign supreme in the beauty stakes.
Beyonce was voted fifth most beautiful woman of all timekate Moss came eighth in the survey

That's according to a new survey, which named Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn as the ultimate beauty icon of all time.
The screen legend – best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – fought off tough competition from Beyoncé, who despite being the most googled female of 2014, came fifth.
Sitting in second place is Marilyn Monroe, while fellow Hollywood star Grace Kelly came third in the survey which quizzed over 2,000 Brits.
Even Scarlett Johansson couldn’t compete with the big beauty hitters from Hollywood’s golden age to make the top five.
Kate Moss only scooped two per cent of the votes, which placed her in eighth position on the list.
The survey carried out by leading cosmetics and skincare brand Artistry by Amway also asked 2,000 women across the UK to reveal their views about beauty and their beauty regime.
1. Audrey Hepburn
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. Grace Kelly
4. Sophia Loren
5. Beyoncé
6. Brigitte Bardot
7. Jean Simpson
8. Kate Moss
9. Ava Gardner
10. Scarlett Johansson 
Sophie Loren came fourth in the list of beauty iconsGrace Kelly came third and fourth in the list of beauty icons
Marilyn Monroe came secondScarlett Johansson came tenth but couldn’t compete with the big beauty hitters from Hollywood’s golden age

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