Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Photos: Video from Paris shooting & the Queen's message #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword!
Two videos have gone viral today, the one below and another which has been taken down. The second video which is extremely graphic has been taken down, but it showed one of the two gunmen shooting a wounded police officer in the head.
In case you missed the initial story, then click HERE!
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Faces of the victims: Among the journalists killed were (l to r) Charlie Hebdo's deputy chief editor  Bernard Maris and cartoonists Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut, aka Cabu, Stephane Charbonnier, who is also editor-in-chief, and Bernard Verlhac, also known as Tignous
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Terror: In footage filmed from a rooftop, people are seen running for cover as the gunmen rampage through the building
Officers were involved in a gunfight with the men, who escaped in a hijacked car and sped away from the office towards east Paris
Emergency: Police officers and firefighters gather in front of the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris today after gunmen stormed the building
A police photographer (partially hidden) works with investigators as they examine the impacts from machine gun fire on a police vehicle
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Gunned down in cold blood: Horrific footage shows the injured police officer slumped on the pavement as two of the gunmen approach. In a desperate plea for his life, the officer slowly raises his hand towards one of the attackers, who callously shoots him at point-blank range
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'Massacre': The gunmen are seen brandishing Kalashnikovs as they move in on the injured police officer from their vehicle outside the office
Targeted: A picture posted on Twitter reportedly showing bullets in one of the windows of the Charlie Hebdo offices
Critical: Firefighters carry an injured man on a stretcher in front of the offices of French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo after the shooting
Brutal execution: A police officer pleads for mercy on the pavement in Paris before being shot in the head by masked gunmen during an attack on the headquarters of the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, a notoriously anti-Islamic publication
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