Thursday, 8 January 2015

Photos: Female fans threaten to kill model, Lara Stone who caresses Justin Bieber in new Calvin Klein shoot

This is soOooo NOT funny!
Model (Lara Stone) who caresses Justin Bieber in new Calvin Klein shoot gets death threats by his female fans. One girl was direct, tweeting, "I'll kill that girl." In case it was too subtle, the chick followed the threat up with emojis of 3 guns and a knife, and a collage, featuring a girl brandishing a gun.
New kid on the block: Justin made the big reveal on Tuesday as he captioned a photo of himself, 'Officially a part of the legacy. Check out @calvinklein for more. #mycalvins. #newfaceofcalvinklein'
Airbrushed? Twitter comes alive with chatter of Photoshopping after the launch of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein campaign
Just a beauty and a beat: A six-second teaser showed the Believe star hammering away at a drum set before pulling in 31-year-old Stone for a kiss
Keeping it brief: The advert lasted little more than six seconds, yet showed an entirely new side to Bieber

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