Monday, 12 January 2015

Photo: Preach it Boris Kodjoe, preach it!

American actor, director and model, Boris Kodjoe just had to speak write his mind on how the world and world leaders treated the massacre in Nigeria and that which happened in Paris, he says:

''The killing of 17 victims in 3 despicable terrorist acts this week prompted a unity march of 1.5 million people including 40 world leaders in Paris. Well done.
Maybe it's just me but did anyone else hear about Nigeria? 2000 civilians including women and children were massacred by terrorists this week.Can somebody tell me why nobody is marching for those victims? Any world leaders planning a trip to Lagos or Abuja this week? Too busy? Bad flight connections?Just asking. Imagine the statement we could make.''

Brother couldn't be more right, could he?

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