Saturday, 10 January 2015

Audio: Back to music? Listen to Eddie Murphy's New Reggae Song, 'Oh Jah Jah'

Who knew the Beverly Hills Cop actor had such a passion for music.
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Eddie tells all about his lifetime of creating music for the love of it and not the money -- as well as his aversion towards the ‘actor/singer’ slashie.
Listen up after the cut.
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I like, do you? Kinda sounds Bob Marley ish!
Eddie’s last music release was in 2013 of a track called "Red Light", a reggae piece featuring rapper Snoop Dogg.
“We did "Red Light" and I liked how it came out, so I put it up on the computer to see how people would respond to it,” Eddie said in the interview.
“I don't have a reggae album. But I got other reggae tunes, I've got R&B stuff, I got rock. I got one hip-hop track but I'm not rapping on it, Snoop is. I got 20 years of collaborations with other musicians just on the shelf.”
Now two years later Eddie will be releasing a new song titled, "Oh Jah Jah".
When asked if he will be putting an album out, Eddie said, “If people respond to ["Oh Jah Jah"], then I might. If people don't, that s*** will just stay on the shelf where it's at.”
“I'm not trying to be a recording artist and have a certain type of music for the radio. Over 20, 25 years, I got just a library of different s***. I can go right now and put out an album in any genre. I can go right now and put out a country album. Or jazz.”
Eddie told Rolling Stone how he would want to incorporate music with his stand-up comedy.
“If I came back and did stand-up again, I can't just be like the other stand-up comics. To have a real hot band, play some tracks for about 40 minutes, the curtain drops and then you do an hour of jokes? That's a unique-a** show. [Laughs] That's the ultimate vision.”
As for 'Beverly Hills Cop', Eddie says the script is in the works and he doesn’t want to be a part of anything that won’t be good, no matter how much money.

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