Friday, 2 January 2015

News: Orisirisi! Student jailed for stealing monkeys in Dubai

The monkeys included four marmosets.
A student has been sentenced to three months in prison for breaking into a farm and stealing six monkeys.
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The Emirati stole the animals, worth tens of thousands of dirhams, with accomplices who are still at large.
Evidence presented to Dubai Court of First Instance showed the 18-year-old stole four marmosets and two baboons from a farm in Al Rashidiya, Dubai.
The 34-year-old Emirati owner of the farm testified that on February 25, 2013, he received a call from a worker.
“I went to the farm and the worker told me some people stole the monkeys after they broke their cages. The monkeys are worth Dhs53,000/$14,520,” he said.
The farm owner called Dubai Police, who checked CCTV footage and found images of masked people climbing the farm’s fence then opening the main gate.
They then broke open the cages and stole the monkeys before driving off.
Police said they identified the defendant using DNA found at the scene.

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