Sunday, 11 January 2015

News: Justin Bieber's team slams un-retouched #CalvinKleinUnderwear ad, threatens legal action

After an alleged un-retouched photo of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear ad surfaced online this week, Bieber's legal team has taken legal action to save his brawny reputation.
Buff and bulging: This is the image which claimed to have an untouched version of (which has now been removed). The pop star was angered by claims his physique had been photoshopped and threatened legal action

Website received a cease and desist letter from the singer's lawyers after the gossip blog posted a reportedly doctored image of the Canadian. "Team Bieber sent BreatheHeavy a cease and desist letter because of the alleged un-retouched Calvin Klein photo we posted,” the website read. “[It’s asking] we remove the picture in question as well as provide a retraction.”
And as if legal action wasn’t enough, Bieber’s trainer, Patrick Nilsson, is weighing in on the Photoshop debacle. "I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy,” he said of Bieber’s package. "I sound weird saying that, but yes.”
Reps at Calvin Klein have also come out to support their new billboard star, praising the 20-year-old for his professionalism, but avoiding any reference to the un-retouched image. “Justin showed up early every day with amazing energy; he completely trusted us and gave it his all… He came alive when it was time to perform, especially when the drum kit came out — it was really impressive,” Calvin Klein shared.
Anyhow, the website has apologised to Bieber and his team.
On Saturday morning Justin Bieber had a retraction and an apology from who say they now accept that the image - which showed the pop star looking weedier and considerably less well-endowed - is a fake.
They said: 'We sincerely apologize to Bieber for the hit to his ego and to the millions of tweens on social media we upset.' 
Comments: Twitter came alive with speculation over his muscles

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