Friday, 9 January 2015

News: At least 4 hostages feared dead in climax to Paris siege #CharlieHebdo

I really feel for Paris and its citizens at this time, especially for the Charlie Hebdo victims' families and all the innocent souls lost in this siege as well.....may God put an end to all these!
Four people are dead after French special forces stormed a building where in eastern Paris, where a terrorist armed with an assault rifle was holding a large number of people hostage, it has been reported.
Photographs taken of the raid show many hostages running for their lives moments after police stormed the building, but early reports indicate four people died.
A man carrying a small child is seen fleeing from the ordeal moments after police stormed the kosher grocery store in eastern Paris
The Islamic militant was holding six people hostage and threatening to kill his captives if police attempted to storm the Charlie Hebdo terrorists engaged in a standoff with police on the outskirts of Paris - which ended in a similarly dramatic fashion only moments earlier.
Police say suspected hostage taker Amedy Coulibaly, 32, was using the hostages as a bargaining chip to try and scupper the police response further north.
He was said to be working with a woman called Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, considered ‘armed and dangerous’, and is said to have yelled at police: 'You know who I am' when they responded to the shooting. 
Locals are led away from the scene as police evacuate the area surrounding the kosher bakery in eastern Paris
Members of the French special forces rescue a number of hostages from inside the kosher grocery store moments after a series of explosions were heard

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