Sunday, 11 January 2015

First PHOTOS emerge of three of four hostages killed in Kosher deli siege, Paris

The son of a chief Rabbi, a teacher, a pensioner and a shop worker saving for his marriage have been revealed as the kosher deli hostages killed by Jew-hating jihadist - one of whom was executed when he grabbed one of terrorist's guns. 
Yohan Cohen, 22, Yoav Hattab, 21 and Philippe Braham, in his forties, have been pictured 24 hours after the siege came to a climax as armed police raided the Jewish grocery in Paris.
Another hostage, François-Michel Saada, thought to be in his sixties, was also murdered in the attack by Islamic terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, French Jewish organisation Crif confirmed. 
It has emerged that Mr Cohen, 22, from Sarcelles in the northern suburbs of Paris, had been working at Hyper Cacher for a year to pay for his future wedding to girlfriend Sharon Seb.
She posted on Facebook saying: 'Je suis Yohan.' And later, in an emotional tribute to her boyfriend, she wrote: 'What am I going to do without you? How am I going to live without you? Why you?
'My life is ruined without you. I will never achieve anything now. I need you in my life. We had so many plans.

The family of Mr Cohen (right) were said to be 'absolutely devastated' and it has been revealed that Mr Hattab (left), is son of the Grand Rabbi of Tunis
The first pictures of two of the hostages - Yohan Cohen (left), 22, Yoav Hattab (right), 21 - killed in yesterday's supermarket siege in Paris have emerged.

Philippe Braham (pictured) was described as a 'good man'
Both Mr Hattab (left) and Philippe Braham (right) were murdered by Islamic terrorist Amedy Coulibaly at the kosher bakery in Paris. 

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